My Word for 2015 – Perspective

I am not a huge New Year’s resolution person.  Many times I would choose resolutions and by the end of January I had all but forgotten what it was.  You see gyms that are packed in the first week of January to back to average attendance by the first week in February.

Last year at this time I took the challenge of choosing one word (#oneword365) to describe the year I wanted to have in 2014.  That word was Connection.  It was amazing.  I found myself constantly reflecting on that word and where I was at in my family and professional life.  These connections brought more purposeful relationships, more purposeful vision, and more purposeful work.  What I noticed was that my year was even better than I imagined in January of 2014.  I believe that is the power of the one word.   It will go beyond your expectations.  Specific goals can be accomplished, but doesn’t have the space to go beyond.  I like the openness of the one word.

Perspective is my word for 2015.  

I see this word transcending into all aspects of my life.  Personally, I am going to train for a half-marathon that I will run in the spring.  Through the training, I need to keep in perspective it is about the progression I make from one week to the next and not focusing on the 13.1 miles at the end.  I also remember that this is a race where I am working to get better than I was the day before and not competing with other people in the race.  They are on their own journeys…Perspective.

Professionally it is important to look at things from multiple perspectives.  I believe that empathy plays a key role in this which happens through listening to others and connecting myself with how they are feeling in or seeing the situation…Perspective.

I love this video from RSA Shorts that explains empathy.  I am already thinking about how I can use it in the future.

People that know me remind me that I am hard on myself.  I always believe I can do more and that anything is possible.  I still believe, but by focusing on perspective this year I can reflect and give myself a reality check when needed…Perspective.

I am looking forward to what Perspective will bring me for 2015. Knowing the word and embracing the unknown journey it will bring me in this next new year is exciting.

What is your word for 2015?  How will you use the word for multiple aspects of your life?  I would love to know your thoughts.

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